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Becky H. — Wooster, OHBrad

"This is the best idea ever, the Mobile Lawnmower Medic came to my house tuned up my lawnmower and I didn't have to go and borrow my neighbor’s mower."


Ken J. — Wooster, OH

"I used to have to rent a trailer, load up my riding mower, take it to the shop leave it for a while. Rent the trailer again, go pick it up and bring it back home. I called The Lawnmower Medic he came the next day and serviced my mower. He saved me a lot of grief."


Kathy M. — Wooster, OH

"I used to have to load up my mower in the car, drive it to the mower place, and leave it for two weeks. Go back to pick it up, unload it that thing is heavy. The Mobile Lawnmower Medic came to my house performed my service rite in the driveway. He was professional and very reasonable with his price."


Alice C. — Wooster, OH

"My riding lawnmower was making a terrific noise and smelled like it was on fire. I called The Mobile Lawnmower Medic and he came out the next day found the problem fixed it and while he was doing an inspection he found the drive belt was about to break. He replaced that too and saved me from a broken lawnmower when I needed it the most. I didn't know what to do at the time but I do now."


Tim F. — Orrville, OH

"What a hassle and extra expense to have the mower shop come and pick up my lawnmower to have it serviced. Now I call The Mobile Lawnmower Medic and he pulls up in the rolling shop and takes care of it for me. Hassle free service that’s what makes him the best."


Roger M — Wooster, OH

"I am up in my years and I just can’t lift like I used too to get my lawnmower in the car to have it serviced. I called The Mobile Lawnmower Medic. He came to my house fixed my mower right on the spot. So I brought out my snow blower and weed eater and he serviced those items too. What a great service to have around."


The Mobile Lawnmower Medic is maintenance and a minor repair company only. We do not perform any internal engine or transmission work. All lawnmowers must be in running condition. We do not offer pick-up or delivery service.



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